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Our Biggest Voux 2.0 Release is Here!

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite group of peeps in the world! I can't wait to tell you all about the cool things that we've done with Voux 2.0—which released today for both Android and iOS devices!


Voux Video* is Here!

We heard the requests. You said that you loved the cool pictures that were being posted, you loved the conversations that you were having, but something was missing—and now no longer! Introducing Voux Video. Now you can record and view video in your favorite places, and never missing a moment is that much better in Voux. We can't wait to see all of the cool public videos that will be shared to the community that will inspire folks to get out, travel, explore, and have fun!


very HOOOT Spots!

So have you ever logged into Voux and told yourself "I like to explore, but I wish that I had a little help with finding cool things"? Well we've heard you and are excited to bring you the all new Hot Spots section. Here's how it works: we've curated a list of the best places in Voux from around the world! Every time you log in, the list will change, giving you more inspiration to check out new places. That's not all thoughwe absolutely encourage you to create your own public places and share. We'll add the best places to the Hot Spots list for the Voux community.


50 Spots!

We are exploding the number of saved places (my spots) so that you can save all of your favorite places, and not need to worry about swapping in and out all of your saved memories! We are going from 5 to 50, so build up your list of cool spots, invite your friends to your created spots, and share! We'll take the best public spots that you create and add them to the Hot Spots list for everyone to appreciate. Enjoy!


Social Login is here!

For those of who have accounts on social networks, or have friends that are not yet on Voux, we've made it even easier for everyone to log in with Voux so that you can share your favorite places with each other. Give it a try!


All new look and feel

Voux has an all new look and feel, but the content that you love to post and share hasn't changed! All of the cool, real world travel pictures, posts, videos and media are still there for you to share and create in your travels, but we've added some finishing touches like being able to change your background picture for your profile—and we've got it for both iOS and Android!


We hope that you enjoy the update—and what's so cool is that we're providing these updates for our whole community—iOS and Android! We promised you a very big Voux 2.0 in 2019, and we hope that we've delivered the social travel experience that you've been looking for! So go out, create amazing places, share with your friends, and Voux!

Roll the video!


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