What's New With Version 1.2.6

Welcome to the latest version of Voux—version 1.2.6! We're excited to introduce the following cool new features, just in time for your back-to-school inspired meetups!

Quick Posts: Find yourself doing everything from the notifications section of our app? Now you can start a new group chat right from the notification section—just look for the red chat icon.

Customize your Spot Size: The standard small, medium, large, are not enough? We hear ya, and we've now put in in a customized size slider—just so you can fine tune things!

Invites, Invites, Invites : Now you can invite from (you guessed it) the Invite section. So now you can send and receive invites on the same screen. AWESOME!

Media View from Notifications: Now you can see your peep's picture posts, location posts, and Hands-Free updates right from the notifications panel. Life just got a whole lot easier!

Keep inviting your friends to your cool rende-voux spots, and let us know—how do you Voux?

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