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Organize Your College Events With Voux

Are you a college RA or the head of a fraternity or sorority?  You've come to the right page.  Here's a great way to keep track of all of the activities that involve the people that you interact with!

Sign up your house / floor

Have everyone that's a part of your group sign up in Voux.  Remember, sign-up is completely free!

Create a new event

  • Name it!

  • Invite everyone that has bee signed up on your floor / house to the new event. Tip: Upload a nice main picture to send with your invitation!

  • Select the location, and schedule (daily, weekly, one-time


  • Inform everyone of time, location, and attendance with Voux Chat

  • Upload pictures before, during, and after the event and they will be there forever!  A moment in time that you can always get back to

  • Receive attendee status (attending / not attending) through Voux Invites  

  • No need for tickets or validation.  The Voux Spot is the ticket.  Just have invitees show their Voux check-in status at the door!

never miss an update

With Voux you can instantly change the venue and time, and directions to the new venue are instantly available to everyone.  Just go to the edit menu in your event

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