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Organize Your Team With Voux

We know that there there is so much that you can do with Voux! Here is how you can use Voux to help you organize your sports teams.  Whether you are a coach or an organizer, check out below!

Sign up your team

Sign up the team to Voux, and everyone that you'll eventually want involved in practices and games

Create a new practice

  • Name your practice

  • Invite all team members to your new practice

  • Select the location, and schedule (daily, weekly

Communicate with the team

  • Inform your team of changes to the practice venue and schedule instantly via Voux Chat

  • Use Hands-Free on the day of practices and games to inform each other of real-time arrival of all members  

  • Store all of your pictures and game schedules in the practice spot so that everyone has it immediately, and you never lose it!

never miss an update

With Voux you can instantly change the venue and time, and directions to the new venue are instantly available to everyone.  Just go to the edit menu in your 'Practice' spot

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