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Voux Version 1.8 is Here!

Hello Voux Peeps! It's been a while, and hopefully you've been enjoying your summer with fun-filled experiences! The team here at Voux has been hard at work on the the next major update for Voux to make your travel, events and meet-ups that much more engaging!


Explore more!

We've enhanced the look and feel of our explore page so that it's even easier to find points of interest. It's okay, feel free to get lost just exploring all of the cool Voux spots out there, and while you are at it—create your own and add to the community!


Now even easier to share

Want to share your wedding event, party or summer BBQ with someone who isn't on Voux yet? We've made it even easier to share your events via e-mail, text, Facebook, etc. Just hit the share icon, and send info to your friends! It's a great way to keep your exclusive event, ultra exclusive!


My feed and picture enhancements

We've made pictures larger so that you can see more, and My Feed is getting even more personalized with the ability to like and comment straight from the feed! It's a great way to keep the conversations going without missing a beat!


Well, that's it for now, but it's safe to say that we've got some very big things in store for the Fall for Voux. Please give us your feedback, and enjoy the Summer!

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