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Voux Version 1.96 is Available!

Hello Voux Peeps! Just want to let you know that Voux version 1.96 is here for iPhone! We've made a number of updates this version so we hope that you enjoy the new version! This will be the last version before our major release 2.0 version of Voux, so check out some of the new features!


More to Explore!

This summer you've been all over the place and so have we! Check out cool places in Italy, Japan, and the good old US of A. Check out the places that you may think about adding to your itinerary, and better yet—create your cool places and add to Voux!


Weeeeee've got Giphy!!!!

Here's where it gets fun! We've added animated image support to all of your conversations in Voux! Now you can express yourself in even cooler ways when chatting with others on Voux. Give it a shot!


What's in the news?

Have a cool article, video, or site to share? It's even easier in Voux now! When you paste a link or URL, we'll embed the video or website right in Voux so that your Peeps can continue the conversation around your topic! Just one of the many improvements that we've been working on. We hope that you enjoy!


We hope that you enjoy the update—we'll be bringing it to our Android community soon! Please give us your feedback, we welcome your 5 star ratings, and can't wait to tell you what we have in store for 2.0 in the upcoming months. Until then—happy trails!

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