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Voux 1.4 is here and Voux Android 1.0 is in Beta

Hello Voux Peeps! It's been a while, but we've been very busy making Voux the best app for personalized meetups! Here are some of the cool things that are new with Voux!


Cool Spots is now generally available!

If you've explored cool spots in the previous versions, you'll be happy to know that the feature is now out of beta. When you log in, you'll be presented cool public spots close to you! The list of cool spots keeps growing. Try it out and enjoy!


Voux - Android Edition is now in Beta

It's time to welcome your friends with Android to the Voux party! We've been working hard to bring all of the best features from iOS to this initial beta version of Android. Now you can invite, chat, locate, picture chat, and of course meetup no matter what phone you and your friends have! Voux - AE can be downloaded on Google Play


Voux tips. To take full advantage of Voux, try out these cool features in the app!

  • Use Hands-Free location sharing when you want let your friends know that you are on your way. Or just to let them know that you've arrived home safely.

  • 1:1 Chat for those times when you want to break away from the group chat for that side convo

  • Subscribe to conversations - We keep public conversations silent by default (no notifications), but if you want to listen in specifically when your buddy is speaking, you can subscribe to hear when he / she's speaking. Slide left on your buddy's name for iOS or click your buddy's name for Android and select "subscribe for updates".



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