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How do I create a new Spot?

Click "New Spot" in the Hot Spots screen, enter in spot category, name, location, add your peeps (don't worry you can also add them later if you forget) add a pic for your spot and you are done.  Note that public spots should be created for spots that benefit the Voux community--they show up on the search screen and everyone is able to view and join a public spot.

Is my current location being constantly monitored?



No, we are not tracking you 24/7.  We only care whether you arrive to your joined hot spots or leave them.  We also check the date and time associated with your joined hot spot, so check in is based on it also.  You have the option to post your current gps location from the spot details section if you want to keep your peeps updated on how far you are from the spot.  Do not worry we are not draining your battery in the background, the app only wakes up when it needs to check you in or out.  Even when you are in the app, we only check your location to determine if you are close to any of your hot spots.



How can I connect to my peep?




You can connect to your peeps through spot invite or through "Connect with Voux Peeps" in the "More" section.   The person will have to accept your invite to a spot or to your connection request.  There are more ways also, but we will not bore you with the details.



How do I add a Peep to my spot?




Click the envelope     icon in your spot to begin to add peeps.  You can add peeps that you are already connected with in Voux, find peeps that use Facebook and are registered with our app, or search your contacts to find Peeps that are registered with Voux.  If your peep isn't registered with Voux, sending them an invite will automatically send them an e-mail.  Once they register and join, they will have an invite waiting for them in the app.



What is this “spot question” and how do I change this?




When peeps are in the spot, we are allowing the capability to answer the most pertinent question about the spot quickly and easily.  How many nexts are in the basketball court?  How long is the line for a show?  Are you having fun at a party? Is the food tasty?  If you are the owner, clicking the Question label will allow you to change the question for the spot.  You can also change the “Shout-out” by clicking the Shout-out label if you are the owner.



How can I share my spot to peeps who do not have the app yet?



In a spot, hit the share      icon to share your spot with your favorite apps (text messaging, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and rock the world!  That nice little icon is all over Voux, so you can share pictures, spots, and even our cool app!  Note that for Facebook, you may need to modify Voux permissions if you wish to share publicly on Facebook.  Here's how:


1. Launch the Facebook App and go to "More"

2. Hit "Account Settings"

3. Hit "Apps"

4. Hit "Logged in with Facebook"

5. If Voux is in the "SHARING WITH ONLY ME" section.  You can change the "Visibility of app" to "Friends"

6. All set!!!

How do I know when my favorite peep is arriving at my favorite Hot Spot?



You can turn on spot-based gps notifications on your connected peeps so that you can plan just when to join that party fashionably late!  Swipe left on your connected peep in your Hot Spot and turn on alerts.



How can I communicate with my peeps?


You can communicate with your peeps in many ways in Voux.  Here are a few ways:


  • Post a gps location to tell your peeps when you are en route to your spot

  • Secure Message your peeps to talk about very cool activities in your spot

  • Post pictures

  • Like pictures and spots



Why do I need to check in to a spot if Voux is doing automatic check in?




Checking in or out manually means you are confirming your presence in or out of a spot.  If your current gps location has a poor signal or when you have active spots close together, it is a means to confirm that you are currently checked in...or you can do nothing and let Voux handle it all for you!  You choose how you want to Voux.  Keep in mind, though, that you cannot check into a spot that you are not close to.



How do I keep track of EVERYTHING that is going on with my joined spots?


Once you and your peeps get the hang of it, your Hot Spot will get very active (poppin).  Use the Notifications tab to get all of the latest posts, alerts, and spottings.  Use the notifications tab to quickly reply to posts by clicking on the post to reply back


Is there a way to enter a gps location for a spot besides searching for it?




Did we forget to mention that you can create a spot based on a picture on your phone???  Other than that, you can drop a pin on the map for the spot location.  Just press anywhere on the map for a second or two and a pin will drop for that spot.  This is handy if you are marking a location in a huge spot like a public park.


What is this red circle when I am adding my location?




That is the area where you and your peeps will be checked in.  If you are inside that circle, then you are spotted.  You can set the size of your spot when creating the spot, or editing your spot after you create it.  Choose a small spot for a building, a medium spot (the default) for a small park, for example.  Try different sizes to see what works best for your spot.



I see a red status icon for my peep—what exactly does it mean?




It means that your peep has been spotted but he hasn’t been active in a while.  For example, he may have been checked in to an airport and now he’s red because he’s currently on a plane.  Or your peep turned off his phone / ran out of battery.  You can ping your peep if he’s on idle status—which will attempt to set your peep yellow if possible (you’ll need to refresh the list to see whether your ping was successful).


Do I get reminders if I create a timed spot?  




For a one-time spot, you will get a reminder alert the day before and an hour before the event.  For a repeating spot, you will get a reminder alert an hour before the event.  Ongoing spots do not get reminder alerts.  You can also enable or disable your reminder from the “More” button in the spot details.




How do I get notified of updates from my peeps?




If it is a private spot, you will get alerts on your phone for any messages, shared locations or posted pictures by the peeps on that spot.  For a public spot, you will need to “subscribe” for updates for that peep.  You can subscribe to a peep’s update by swiping left to the peep’s name in the Peeps list and clicking Alert -> Subscribe to Updates.




I am traveling abroad and I will not have cellular data, is there a reason I should create the spots that I’d like to visit?




Absolutely!  If your spots are activated (green dot on the hot spots screen) since you last logged in successfully, alerts will still occur when you get close to your spot or when you leave the spot (comes in handy when in a taxi or a bus going to your destination).   If your spot is a hotel and you have Wi-Fi, then your peeps will know when you arrive and leave the hotel.  So yeah, we highly recommend you save all the spots you plan to visit on your travel, whether it’s domestic or international!




When I archive a spot, does it count against my hot spot limit?




No, archiving a spot will place the spot into your profile.  It will not count against your spot limit, and you will be able to still post messages, and add content to the spot.  You will no longer be able to check into or out of that spot, though.




How do I make my public spot official?




Email with your hot spot name, and we will send it to our review team.




Any other fun stuff?


For iPhone 6s, try to deep touch on pictures or map snapshot.  For non-6s iPhones, try pressing for a second or two on hot spots or clicking the map snapshot in shared locations to get a closer look of the location. Directions and Uber integration.  For one-time or repeating spot, you can ask your peeps to re-confirm if they are still on for the event or activity. Color-coded spots to determine what type of spot it is, drawing on the map to find public spots.  Besides that, there are other cool things the app offers that we hope you will find helpful.  What are you waiting for? Go, Have Fun, Voux!


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