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Voux Version 1.6 is Here!

Hello Voux Peeps! Fall is finally here and we hope that you had a great and fantastic Voux summer. It's time to round out the year, and we've been busy rounding things out with a brand-spanking new version of Voux for you! Here are some of the cool new things in Voux that will make your next meetup that much easier!


Simple Mode!

Not quite sure where to start with Voux? We've got you covered with an all new Simple mode in version 1.6! New users get it turned on automa"gically" and existing peeps can turn it on via the my stuff section. It's available for iOS users in 1.6, and coming soon for Android users. Let us know what you think!


Snap, post, locate even faster than ever!

We've improved our hotspot and my feed sections and added cool new features so that you can very quickly get to what you want to do—snap pictures, post with your peeps, and turn on hands free location sharing with your group. We think that you'll really love the improvements in the user experience, so let us know what you think! These features are available for both our iOS and Android users!


More public spots in more locations!

We are adding more and more public spots to Voux right where you are! Just within this past month, we've added cool public points of interests in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Connecticut, New York, and Iceland! Many thanks to all of the public spot contributors who keep showing us your awesome travel and meeting experiences!


That's it for now! Well…not quite. For those who are interested in our company, we've got a founders feature article courtesy of AT&T right here! Many thanks to AT&T for wanting to know a little more about Voux!

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