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The best way to save your travel memories

With Voux travel, we've curated a list of cool travel places from all around the world! Join a place that interests you the most, and add to the memories or invite your friends and family to a place that you've created to start your next vacation.

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Sign up your friends

Have everyone that's a part of your group sign up in Voux.  Remember, sign-up is completely free!

Join one of our places

  • Search for spot

  • Join in

  • Invite your friends and family to the joined place


  • Upload your pictures and media

  • Group chat or have a private 1:1 conversation

  • We'll save your travel memories in a convenient place in the app so that your group will save memories forever

Safe and Sound

With Voux you can instantly inform your group when you've arrived at your cool travel place. Let Voux do the heavy lifting while you worry about taking those cool pictures and videos!

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