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My Very First Hands-Free Road Trip Battle to DC

Well I must say...who doesn't love a road trip. Always my favorite, but you gotta have the right friends and right place to go. Been knowing my buddies for over 20 years but we hadn't done a trip together in years. So we decided to give it a shot for a change this time with our first trip to DC! Of course with the new Voux HANDS-FREE location sharing, it was a perfect test opportunity to explore this amazing app on the road. Of course I confidently uttered the words..."try to keep up with me grandma driver" at the start as a little friendly competition. As the master driver amongst our friends for years, I was set to handily avoid all traffic and make it down there in 4 hrs flat from NYC. Never considered my buddy and his a wife a challenge....but then came...HANDS-FREE! Which changed the game I must say. Two cars NJ turnpike..simple right? Until we went separate ways on the cars/trucks lane and of course my lane was faster! I was driving comfortably in the lead heading into DC thinking "grandma driver" will catch up to me as I will lay resting in the hotel claiming my "first place road trip prize"...Until I checked the HANDS-FREE on Voux...and saw us miles apart...but heading to the hotel from different directions? How could this happen. It was ok because I knew my first place trophy was comfortably waiting for me at the hotel..But again..checked HANDS-FREE and he was getting closer to the target? How could this be?...I drive faster and faster but I could not get there before him and it was all HANDS-FREE's fault! It messed up my confidence! My buddy who rarely goes on road trips was about to be sittin' in the lobby with a big smile on his face! This will go down as one of the biggest upsets in our road trip history! Nothing worst..than the walk of shame as I entered the lobby...and the virtual first place trophy in his bad that both hotel receptionists also needed to rub it in and tell me "You must have gotten lost!" It got worse as "grandma driver" got confident as he ended up being on quite a lucky streak because multiple times, HANDS-FREE showed me losing our little race to each location by a minute or two! Was not expecting this from my rookie road trip driver. I must say in all seriousness, best feature on Voux. So much fun and we had plenty of laughs. We will be talking about this trip for years...(Don't worry..cleaned his clock on the way back to NYC finally and THAT was fun to see using the HANDS-FREE.)

Voux has so many uses, so many features. My new favorite traveling app! Driving without HANDS-FREE is simply not driving at all!

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