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What's New With Voux V1.2

The new 1:1 chat has arrived on Voux! How is it different than anything that you've used before? Ever share a picture with someone and wish that you could get there based from the picture? Now you can! Give 1:1 a shot by swiping right on your Peep and let the magic begin. 1:1 chat history is available on the Notifications tab—just like everything else in Voux so go there and check things out!


Voux style! How does it work? Turn on Hands-Free at the spot that you are going to, then as you travel to the spot, Voux will periodically post your journey to the spot. Want to have more fun? Have everyone that is traveling turn it on, and compare where everyone is at as they travel to the event. Hands-Free automatically turns off once you have arrived.

Other Improvements:

Improved Picture Sharing: We took some of the cool features in 1:1 and applied them to a private spot. Now you can share the location of a picture that you've taken from your vacation and adventures and share the location with your peeps. Now they can create a spot for the best places you've been to from your pictures and get there anytime from the More button of the picture.

Quick Spot: In a rush to create a new spot? We've got you covered. Now you can easily create a new spot, save it, then tailor it later. Great when you are on the go.

A lot more: Easier to invite your contacts, stability improvements, new spot categories (Lacrosse anyone?)

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