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I've never had so much fun posting about travel and activities with Voux!

Hey Voux Peeps! We've got a lot in store in the upcoming weeks with new features set to go live! Until then, let me tell you how I've been using Voux the past few weeks!

A. Travel — it's been fun keeping up with my friends as we go to and from our spots. It's also cool to see where my buddies are going and what they've been doing (of course the Voux way—only by invite). From hidden parks, to cool out of the way restaurants, the invites are awesome, keep them coming!

B. Basketball — the spots are growing in NYC and it's fun to see a "hot spot" pop up with a bunch of ballers calling "who's got next"?!! Keep making the spots and represent your city and favorite spots, and keep inviting your peeps!

C. Group Chat — It's been cool to chat in a language that is targeted to the activity. We had so much fun on Memorial Day weekend in DC with all of us at a Hotel and not only telling each other when we were heading downstairs to breakfast, but posting the pics of the chef whipping up the omelettes—to entice our late comers (you know who you are :-) ) to come on down, lol. More to come in the coming weeks—we've got new features in store that we think are really cool. Stay tuned!!

D. Events — You can't be the personalized events and activities app without pop-up events! There was a cool event this past week at Wix that we attended to unveil ADI—Wix's new artificial intelligence engine for building web sites. It was incredible to see a site automatically built in action (and the party was awesome). Thanks for the invite Wix!

Voux Co-Founder, Freddie Roseman, takes a snapshot with Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami. Cool!

--Fred Out!

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