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The Voux Experience from a Parent’s Perspective


My daily Voux notification is a distinct sound that alerts me four times daily that my daughter has left the bus station and arrived at school and vice versa in the afternoon. Yes, that’s correct! I truly believe that my daughter’s safe transit to/from home and school is a lifestyle event that Voux allows me to accurately track!

As a working, single mother of a pre-teen, the “egg out of the nest” experience came for my daughter and I much sooner than I would have liked. Early morning departures from home and afternoon bus rides home….without me….leaves me worried daily. My daughter is a good kid! She respects my need to know where she is and understands that the moment I do not hear from her as I need too, she will receive that inquiry of, “where are you?”. When I first downloaded Voux, it was a great idea for my friends and I to actively communicate our arrivals and even share pics of what was going on for our brunch dates etc., however I quickly realized that I could also use it to keep my own peace of mind. Do you have a pre-teen? If you do, you understand how quickly they lose track of all sense of time and responsibility particularly when they know a parent is waiting on a word from them. Before Voux, there were many mornings as I was getting ready for work that I had to suddenly stop to send the inquiry text of, “did you arrive yet?” or in the latter part of the day, “did you leave school?”, “are you on the bus?” and of course, “did you get home yet?”. But with Voux, all of that changed. Some may argue that it promotes a lack of privacy. Sure, maybe for a young adult of 17 or 18 however at 12 years old, my child’s safety is my number one concern and with Voux, I can breathe easy. Ping! My notification lets me know when she has left the area designated as home. I set the parameters of the “home” notification to “tiny” as I want the notification to be as specific as possible. Ping! Again, my notification when the bus pulls up to the school and she begins to walk up the stairs. Ping! That’s right, she had a trip today and so Voux has notified me that she has left the school yet again. There are some mornings when she makes a pit stop to the store and Voux alerts me twice, 1) she arrived and then moments later 2) she has left school. In those instances, I promptly send a text letting her know that she will be late because again, if you have a pre-teen, you would know time is NOT of the essence. My daughter and I have now been using Voux for a few months and she is quite used to the notifications and quite frankly is relieved that she no longer has to remember to send me the obligatory text message, multiple times a day. Me? I can simply say, happy parent!

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