Voux Version 1.5 is Here!

June 30, 2017

Hello Voux Peeps!  It's great to reach everyone once again!  Hopefully everyone is having a fantastic summer, and taking time to smell one or two roses along the way!  It's been busy times for the team that is here to enhance your get-togethers.  Here's what we've been doing:



Voux welcomes photo filters!


You've asked for it so it's here! What's your favorite filter?  The Black and White, or the ever present Sepia filter?  Well, we've got you covered with photo filters in our version 1.5 of iOS, and our Beta for Android.  Just don't go too crazy with the photoshopping a la some famous celebrity families ;-)



Hey! We're in the news again!


That's right, silicon.nyc did a feature on us. Rather than us tell you all about Voux, take some time to hear what others have to say and how they use it.  

Like to go the traditional route and read via the newspaper?  CommunityLife BK also wrote a nice piece on Voux, so if you are local to Brookyn, grab your free copy at a local newsstand!





Voux public spots are exploding!


We are adding more and more public spots to Voux! Just within this past month, we've added cool public points of interests in Dubrovnik, Copenhagen, and as always, the good old US of A!  Explore, and create your own top 5 list of public places in Voux!


That's it for now!  Download Voux for your phone at www.voux.rocks and please continue to give us feedback. Until next time!


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