June 28, 2016

Well I must say...who doesn't love a road trip. Always my favorite, but you gotta have the right friends and right place to go. Been knowing my buddies for over 20 years but we hadn't done a trip together in years. So we decided to give it a shot for a change this time with our first trip to DC! Of course with the new Voux HANDS-FREE location sharing, it was a perfect test opportunity to explore this amazing app on the road. Of course I confidently uttered the words..."try to keep up with me grandma driver" at the start as a little friendly competition. As the master driver amongst our friends for years, I was set to handily avoid all traffic and make it down there in 4 hrs flat from NYC. Never considered my buddy and his a wife a challenge....but then came...HANDS-FREE! Which changed the game I must say. Two cars NJ turnpike..simple right? Until we went separate ways on the cars/trucks lane and of course my lane was faster! I was driving comfortably in the lead heading into DC thinkin...

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October 25, 2016

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