May 25, 2016


   My daily Voux notification is a distinct sound that alerts me four times daily that my daughter has left the bus station and arrived at school and vice versa in the afternoon. Yes, that’s correct! I truly believe that my daughter’s safe transit to/from home and school is a lifestyle event that Voux allows me to accurately track! 

   As a working, single mother of a pre-teen, the “egg out of the nest” experience came for my daughter and I much sooner than I would have liked. Early morning departures from home and afternoon bus rides home….without me….leaves me worried daily. My daughter is a good kid! She respects my need to know where she is and understands that the moment I do not hear from her as I need too, she will receive that inquiry of, “where are you?”. When I first downloaded Voux, it was a great idea for my friends and I to actively communicate our arrivals and even share pics of what was going on for our brunch dates etc., however I quickly realized that I c...

Dear Voux Peeps,


I am happy to be writing this blog and share with you a little bit of information on how we use Voux.  Every so often, the Voux team will feature a new post, so I hope that you will like reading and will have your own experiences to share.  


I have played basketball since I was in grade school and I remember the days when my best friend and I would play from sun up to sun down during the Summer. I love the game so much that for over a decade, I traveled to downtown Manhattan (shout out to Battery Park City) all the way from Brooklyn to play pickup basketball along with some of my buddies throughout the NY and NJ area.  That’s over two hours of trek back and forth a few times a week.  On most days, there was “good competition” but there were other days when there were not enough players on the court and we didn't find that out until we got there, after traveling over an hour and having spent our hard-earned allowance (shout out to...

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October 25, 2016

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